How-to Build Your Own Ribbon Rack


Building your own ribbon rack will display all the rolls of ribbon your stacked up on your desk.  This design is adjustable to fit all different roll sizes.

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Spring Flower Embroidery Part 2 – French Knot

Spring Flower Embroidery - French Knot

To finish up the spring flower I started last week, I am going to show you how to use the French Knot to embroider the anthers. French knot is usually used to embroider small details like eyes or small dots.

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How-to Build Your Own Framed Pegboard


There has been a pegboard in my room all the time, a very small one with just a few hooks on it.  That is mostly for holding the items that I use all the time.  

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How-To Embroider Flowers with the Chain Stitch

Embroider Flowers Chain Stitch

In this week's video follow up to our Hand Sew a Chain Stitch video, I show you how to use the Chain Stitch to embroider flowers.

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How-To Videos – The Chain Stitch

How-To Chain Stitch

The chain stitch can be used to embroider or decorate fabric. In this video, I will show you to embroider my initials.

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March 20, 2018 – Youtube Can Teach You So Much!

World Axiom embroidery 1280

Hope everyone is finding the time to sew or craft while we look forward to the coming spring.

What are We Working on this Week?

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What is the Blanket Stitch?

Lazy Susan Craft Organizer Caddy