130 Decibel Personal Alarm Pen – Protect You or Your Loved Ones!

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130 Decibel Emergency Alarm Pen

Our Personal Alarm Pen Designer’s Story

How often do you go out alone at night? Not often? Think twice. In real life, there are a lot of situations where we put ourselves at risk. Just a few include:

  • Parked our car far out in a large parking lot
  • Walking the dog late at night
  • An early morning jog
  • A short cut through a city side street

Have you ever experienced a moment where someone walks toward you on a dark night? That moment when you wonder what their intentions are. We have all had those moments.  Your heart rate speeds up, driving you to walk a little faster and be more alert. Unless you are experienced in self-defense, you hope for the best. What if, with just a little preparation, you could add some peace of mind to your walk.

There were a lot of personal alarms on the search page. Most of them are made like a garage-door openers, a bit bulky and meant to be hung on handbags, satchels, backpacks and such. Honestly, I wouldn’t feel comfortable hanging them on anything I carry. And I know my wife wouldn’t want this to hang outside her fashionable handbag, so I designed an alarm that is practical and useful, the...

Personal Alarm Pen

What Does It Come With?

It is in fact a very simple and elegant design.

As a pen, it writes well. The body is made of metal, with a very nice reflective enamel black coating. Twist open to get the tip out. And a metal clip that I could slip it into the pen holder on the side of my messenger bag. Thanks to the size, like other tool pens, it works as a regular carrying pen.

Personal Alarm Pen Kit

The Alarm

As an alarm, I care about three things. Functionality, portability and how it looks. The siren is definitely loud. I intentionally set it off outside a Starbucks for a split second, and I grabbed all the attention I wanted. Everyone on the street turned to look at me. A 130-decibel alarm gets the attention you need!

It’s easy to carry, after all, it’s just a pen. It is not going to add extra weight to your existing belongings. I’d just leave it inside my bag most of the day, until I know it might be a good idea to have it ready in my hand or shirt pocket.

The personal alarm pen is discreet. I am not going to look like a panicky person. That is very important to me; I want protection but with style. I don’t want everyone in the street knowing I am carrying a siren, period.

I designed it for everyone; my wife, daughter, and myself. Think about your daughter walking across campus at night. This gift can give you a little peace of mind. The gift box makes it great for the holidays, a birthday present, or a corporate gift. Truly a gift for anyone.


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