17 Awesome Office Pegboard Ideas for a Clean Workspace

Office Pegboard Ideas

Here are 17 office pegboard ideas for getting your office or workspace clutter free.  If you have a whole wall to work with or just a closet office, these tips will work for you.

Computer Accessories on pegboard

Use Pegboard to Organize Computer Gear

If you are like me and constantly taking your computer out of the office, keeping your gear close at hand is essential.  Use metal pegboard hooks to hanging up you case nearby and save time searching for it. 

You can also hang headphones on a hook, get them off the desk and free up valuable space.  These hooks will work for large or small headphones.  Need to use a headset for extended hours? When you are done just hang them in front of you on the pegboard when not in use.

Pegboard Shelf

Pegboard Shelf for Your Bluetooth Speaker

Playing music while you work or doing hands-free speaking? If you put your Bluetooth on a pegboard shelf it will be easy reach but won’t clutter your desk or use the shelf to place a tissue box or frequently referenced books as well.  Using the pegboard lets you quickly change the layout of your office wall as your needs change.

Office Supplies on pegboard Shelves

Pegboard Shelves Stacked for All Sizes

Stack Your pegboard shelves to sort out larger bottles like hand sanitizer and lotion from your smaller items. 

Add a small basket to a pegboard shelf to store odds and ends.

The bottom shelf is an easy way to keep smaller computer accessories out of the way when you need more desk space. 

Pegboard Jars

Pegboard Jars Keep Office Supplies Organized

Tired of losing small erasers, paperclips and binder clips?  Pegboard jars are great for organizing your office because these clear jars make everything seen easily.  Forget about worrying about boxes of these small items on your desk.  Just unscrew the jar from the cap on the pegboard and put the jar on your desk when you need it.

Round Pegboard Hook

Pegboard Rings are Not Just for Pegboard Cups

Pegboard Rings can help you add a little green to the office.  Place a small plant in the ring and you won’t have to worry about knocking it over on the desk. 

You can also hang eyeglasses or headphones on the rings.

Pegboard Shevles and Hooks

Pegboard Kits for A Grab and Go Set Up

Here a couple different pegboard accessories are used for this office set up.

Different pegboard hooks for:

  • Car keys
  • Hat
  • The ever elusive phone charging cord

Pegboard Shelves

You can add some pegboard shelves to hold photo frames or to hold a stationary basket to store pens, business cards or other small items.

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Office pegboard Ideas with Jars and Cups

Pegboard Cups to Hold Pens and Pencils

Round pegboard bins will hold all you pens, pencils, rulers and more.  If you need to take them with you just slide the cup out.  You can also use multiple pegboard cups to organize your stationary further.

Pegboard office ideas with stationary

Pegboard Hooks to Sort Stationary

Here we  use two shorter pegboard hooks to sort different kinds of tape.  Longer items fit perfectly in the round pegboard bins.

Just a few Office Pegboard Ideas to get you Started

Everyone has different needs for their office and that is why we love pegboard.  You can customize your layout and change it easily as your needs change.

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Ultimate Pegboard Ideas Guide

The Ultimate Pegboard Ideas Guide

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