5 Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Legos

5 Ways to Organize Your Kids' Legos - World Axiom

Legos are one of the longest-lasting, imagination-inducing toys ever made. Most parents are happy to fork out the money for Legos but don't always think about the mess they create. With all those tiny pieces, you will inevitably step on one and experience the pain worse than walking on hot coals. That is why a how-to-organize Legos guide is vital for anyone with kids and Legos.

Understanding the Different Elements

Not only is organizing Legos a safety and a mess concern, but it is also an effectiveness problem. If Legos are scattered everywhere, children won't use them how they are supposed to. Additionally, if the storage system isn't user-friendly, the Legos won't be the favorite toy that they usually are. Before you start your project, consider the following elements that are part of all Lego sets:

  • Instructions - The directions with each Lego set are essential for future building. You can rest assured that the original set won't ever be built again without them! While Legos are interchangeable, half the fun is being able to rebuild sets again and again.
  • Sets - Shelves are a great idea if you have specific sets that the kids want to keep together. However, many sets will be taken apart to make something else.
  • Color - Some children may want to sort by color. This is an easy system for younger kids.
  • Size or category - Small pieces are easier to find if separated from the larger pieces. Sorting by category means that bricks are all together, so if your kid is looking for a brick, it is super easy to find. Categories could include mini-figures, plates, wedges, tiles, etc. You could go a step further and separate the bricks by number of 'studs' (the round circles that allow Legos to fit together).
Lego Organizing Ideas - World Axiom

5 Lego Organizing Ideas

Now that you have some idea of how you want to organize the Legos, let's look at some inventive ways to get them into a more usable format. Keeping as many of the parts off the floor equals more room to build and less chance you will step on one! Two ways to keep pieces up off the floor are pegboards and Lego walls. Lego walls are Lego bases that you can hang on the wall and use to build directly on the base. Pegboards are great for hanging various pegboard accessories to handle the different sizes or colors.

Pegboard Shelves to Organize Legos - World Axiom

Pegboard Shelves

Pegboard shelves - Completed Lego sets that your child wants to keep together are great displayed on World Axiom pegboard shelves. These shelves are strong and long-lasting. Held in place with ultra-sturdy steel brackets, the shelves hold up to 15 lbs. That is a lot of Lego sets!

Pegboard jars for Legos

Pegboard Jars

Pegboard jars - World Axiom's 2" X 3" jars are great for storing smaller Lego pieces. The jars are made of PET plastic, just as strong as a glass baby food jar. Each lid has a 1/4 turn locking system and stays firmly on the pegboard, so you know which jar goes where. These pegboard accessories come in packs of 12.

Tall Pegboard Jars to Organize Legos

Tall Pegboard Jars

Tall Pegboard Jars - World Axiom also carries a larger jar at 2" x 4" to hold larger Legos. Crush-resistant and industrial strength, these jars have the same types of lids as the smaller jars, so they are another excellent option for your pegboard organization system.

Organize Legos with Pegboard Bins - World Axiom

Removable Pegboard Bins 

The World Axiom open pegboard bins are perfect for small or large Legos, wheels, Lego people, or parts of people. These bins are mounted on the pegboard with chrome-plated hooks and are roomy and easy to look through. This is great when looking for a particular piece!

Lego Wall

Lego baseplates mounted on the wall are great for an imagination station and can be used to build 2-D projects and words. Personalize the space with your child's name, favorite color, interests, logos, or other fun things. It is best to mount the baseplates to a board and then attach the panel to the wall. You can add a pegboard underneath the Lego wall and attach World Axiom pegboard accessories for more organization options.

The possibilities are endless with this organizational method. As the Lego collection grows, it is easy to add more pegboard accessories. World Axiom pegboard accessories are versatile and come with a lifetime warranty. Vertical storage systems take up much less space than any other technique. So pegboards and Lego baseplates are a great way to get those Legos up off the floor and arranged so you can find what you need.

World Axiom offers a complete line of pegboard accessories to make your home neat. Our jars, bins, and cups come in three colors - red, dark blue, and light blue. Choose one or mix it up with multiple colors. Order your supplies today!

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