7 Hacks for Organizing Craft Supplies


Are you dreading cleaning up and organizing craft supplies to make space for the new projects you have planned?

As a crafter, I have loads of accessories and fabrics. Frankly, I do not clean up every time I finish. Things get cluttered as I work and this will turn to a disaster by end of the year. Space is precious. It requires skill to utilize my limited space. I will show you my decluttering and organizating hacks.  I hope it will help you take up the end of year decluttering challenge and you welcome the new year with a refreshed and organized working area.

Uncover the Boxes

Open Boxes

Do you have boxes that have not been touched for years? Time to uncover them. I have a very bad habit (you may have it too) of putting everything in a box and pretend everything is “organized”. I always find fabric scraps, useless packaging, pieces of threads, even paper bits, inside these boxes.

The truth is, I am hiding garbage and building my own mess.  The first thing we should do is open up all the boxes, and sort out the useless things, and organize the things we should keep. You will be surprised by how much trash and junk you are hiding from yourself.

Categorizing Craft Supplies

As I said earlier, I like to put things into boxes to so my working area looks “neat”. But while the individual boxes look neat, you must still open all these boxes in order to get what you are looking for.

Many times, I had to ransack each box to find the specific color of accessory that I wanted. Instead, buy transparent boxes for your tools and accessories. For ites that have different color assortments – floss, buttons, beads, etc., classify them by color tone. This will make your life easier when you are looking for a matching color accessory for your project. You can simply look through these transparent boxes and locate the things you need.


Vertical space is the best solution when you are looking for more space. Pegboards are an easily installed way to organize and they offer the most storage space. Look around your working area. Have you ever thought of making use of vertical spaces for extra storage? Empty walls can be used for pegboard, which will maximize storage space for your limited area.

I love to use pegboards to organize my tools and accessories. I have so many boxes of tools and materials that I must store in a way that allows me to have an empty desk for my projects.

Pegboard Jars

Pegboard Jars

I use pegboard for all my extra material, such as fabrics, plush filling, books, spools, cutters, markers, needles, etc. Then I use the clear pegboard jars for the tools and accessories that I frequently use – needles, buttons, push buttons, safety pins, laces, charms, etc. Setting up my own pegboard system is one of my most important tips for small space storage.

These pegboard jars are clear and hang sturdily on the pegboard with the exclusive jar top mechanism. You can see what is inside the jars without searching through your drawers or boxes anymore. It is convenient for me to work in a small space, but still able to have access to all my craft supplies at my fingertips.

Pegboard Cups

World Axiom Pegboard Cups

Crafters have different tools – rolling cutter, cutters, fabric scissors, rulers, markers, glues, color pencils, etc. These tools are normally longer in size and many of them cannot be hung to the pegboard directly. I use the Pegboard Cups to organize them.

Each different item is organized by individual cup and lined up on my pegboard. I can reach any tool I need easily. These cups are especially useful because you can simply take the cup out and put it on the desk whenever you want to.

Pegboard Rings

Pegboard Hook Rings

Some of the tools I use constantly may need a bit of thought to determine the right accessory to go with the pegboard. My glue gun for instance, the tip of it is extremely hot when I use it. If I have to leave it on the desk to cool down before I put it away, it takes up space on my desk. Instead, I use this metal pegboard ring to hold the glue gun which allows more free space on my desk. 

I also hang my fabrics on the ring. It is very convenient to flip through the fabrics and choose the right one. You can even use the ring to decorate your work space by putting a plant in it.

Pegboard Shelf

Pegboard Shelf

Books are one of the things that occupy my working space. I have plenty of sewing and other reference books which help me in preparing the next craft project. I have a pegboard shelf on the pegboard which organized my books using the vertical space.

This is a very simple shelfing system which includes 2 metal triangular brackets that sturdily hook to the pegboard and piece of MDF wood board. You can put anything on it, not juat books, providing a very useful storage space.

Take Up The Decluttering Challenge

Are you ready to take up the end of year decluttering challenge? It is never too late to start cleaning up and organizing your working area. Small space, unlimited creativity. Follow my advice and a decluttered workspace will not be just a dream.

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