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About World Axiom

World Axiom was founded in Hong Kong as a pegboard accessory designer by Rebecca.  She was also looking for ways to store the buttons, needles, fabrics etc that seemed to pile up anmd overwhelm her workspace.  We are still busy designing new itmes to help everyone store and organzie thier supplies whether you are a seamstress, crafter or just someone that likes to create.

Now that things are off her table Rebecca had time to focus on her passion,  creating DIY sewing projects.

Creativity knows no boundries and Rebecca (Hong Kong)met Karen (USA) and found they had a shared passion in crafting and design.  Karen partnered with World Axiom to share her DIY projects that won't stretch the budget.  When Karen is not working on designs for World Axiom, she (with help from her 3 year old daughter Kiera) is educating special needs parents on health and fitness at

About Rebecca


Sewing and crafting have always been great interests of mine. My biggest challenge when crafting and sewing is not what I want to make next (I always have lots of ideas), but where am I going to store everything I need when I make things?

Plus, the left over items from one project can always be used on another!

I look forward to sharing my new ideas with you.


About Karen

Hi, Everyone,

I love crafting.  Some of my interests include bow making, table displays and creating healthy recipes. I believe crafting gives us a chance to relax and explore our creativity.  I create DIY designs that can be made quickly, easily and won’t stretch your budget.


World Axiom Home Decor and Home Organization

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