Amazing Pegboard Walls

This page is dedicated to our fellow pegboard enthusiasts. These photos of customer's pegboard walls are kindly shared to give you ideas how you can build your own organization system.

Send us an email with a photo of yours and we'll be happy to share it.

Danelia's Pegboard Wall

Danelia Pegboard System 1
Danelia Pegboard System 2

Danelia sent us her pegboard system for arts and crafts.  She painted our pegboard jar lids yellow to match her white and yellow craft organization. We also like the hooks and baskets being painted yellow.

Brick and Iron Cafe

Brick and Iron Cafe Pegboard
Brick and Iron Cafe Pegboard Wall

Brick and Iron Cafe combined our pegboard hook kit, rings and pegboard shelf to create this station for making their acai bowls.  We thank them for the photo and are getting hungry just thinking about those acai bowls.

Bob's Wall

Garage Pegboard Ideas

Now that is whole lot of pegboard jars. Hardware, chalk line dust, wiring components.  What you put in these jars is only limited by your imagination, or wall space. But if you are looking for where to find more wall space, check out "Using Vertical Space to Increase Home Storage by 22%".

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