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What is the Best Way to Organize Tools on a Pegboard?

best way to organize tools on a pegboard

What is the best way to organize tools on a pegboard? When we need our garage workshop organized, this is always a difficult question. But there are some tried and true solutions to this challenge!

We will discuss some of the best ways to organize your tools so they can be quickly and easily found, and learn how using pegboard will keep your garage clean and organized!

3 Critical Points Before You Start Hanging Tools

  • What is the size of your pegboard wall?
  • How is the pegboard anchored to the wall?
  • Are the pegboard holes 1/8″, 3/16″ or 1/4″?

What is the Size of the Pegboard Wall?

What size wall do you have to hang your tools on? A smaller wall, like a DIY pegboard with a picture frame added around it, will limit the number of tools you can organize.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a large wall covering the length of a workbench or there is floor to ceiling around your craft room or garage then you have a lot of  tool organizing options.

How is the Pegboard Anchored to the Wall?

The type of anchoring will have a direct impact on how much you can hang on the pegboard.

Smaller Decorative Pegboard Sections

If your pegboard is a smaller decorative pegboard with a sawtooth hook on the back that hangs on a nail in the wall, you can put only very small and light tools on your pegboard. The nail holding the pegboard is most likely only  in the drywall and not a stud. Over time the weight of the tools and pegboard will pull the nail out of the wall.

If you have smaller space and the decorative pegboard is your only option, then use a larger nail and hammer it into the stud (the vertical board behind the drywall); you can use a stud-finder to find the stud. This will be the strongest option you have.

Garage Pegboard Organization

Larger Pegboard Walls

Whether in the garage, office, craft room or kids closet, a full-sized pegboard wall should be anchored into the studs with cross boards between the sheets of pegboard.

You can see in the photo above where a cross-board is used. That cross-board is anchored into the studs for maximum strength.

What size are your peg board holes?

If you have an older pegboard wall the holes may be the small 1/8″ version. New pegboard sheets from major home stores use 3/16″ or 1/4″ holes. If you are still not sure, buy a small pack of 1/8″ pegboard hooks and ones that are 1/4″ only hooks. (Most 1/4″ hole hooks will also fit in 3/16″ holes). You can evaluate each hook to figure out what holes you have.

The bigger 3/16″ and 1/4″ holes allow you to use heavy-duty hooks that support more weight.

As we will discuss later in this article, you will see the benefits of being able to use those heavy-duty hooks.

Pegboard Ideas for Organizing Tools

Since we have reviewed the technical issues about pegboards, let’s take a deep look into the best way to organize  your tools on a pegboard.

  1. Organize Tools by Function
  2. Hang your most-used tools near eye level for easier access
  3. Put heavy items at the bottom and lighter ones higher up for stability and  to prevent them from falling off the board when they are removed
  4. Keep all your tools within reach but not too close together
  5. Label your pegboard hooks and sections when necessary
  6. Put bulky items in baskets or on shelves
  7. Store smaller tools and hardware in bins or jars
  8. Keep everything off the ground
  9. Review your layout every year

Pegboard Tool Organization

Organize Tools by Function on Your Pegboard

How many times have you ever grabbed a screwdriver only to find out it was not the right size and had to dig back into the toolbox sitting on your workbench to find the right one, wasting time.

By grouping all of your screwdrivers together on a pegboard you  will be able to see and find what you need at a glance. You can make your own DIY pegboard tool storage rack and mount it to the pegboard, or buy wire pegboard hooks that hold multiple screwdrivers.

Be sure to lay out all of the screwdrivers you will put together and leave room for new ones. This enables you to plan exactly how much of the pegboard wall you will use.

This same process can be used for everything from wrenches to hammers to a section for paintbrushes. Grouping similar items together will eliminate wasted time “searching” and gives you more time “doing”.

Hang your most-used tools near eye level for easier access

Put your most-used tools within easy reach by hanging them at eye level. Store any less used items on higher or lower areas on the pegboard. Just like the grocery store does with the most commonly bought items, your most used items should be the ones that are most accessible.

This will also reduce stress on your back if there is a workbench in front of your pegboard. You will not need to strain constantly to grab frequently used tools that are stored just out of reach.

Put heavy items at the bottom and lighter ones higher up

When using a pegboard, we recommend hanging heavy tools on the bottom rows and lighter items higher up. This will make it easier to retrieve any item and reduces the risk of injury from a heavy tool crashing down on you.

DIY Wrench Rack for Pegboard

Keep all your tools within reach but not too close together

If you have a lot of tools to put on your pegboard, make sure they are not too close together. You want them all within reach but not so other tools get knocked off when you remove the one you wanted. A good rule of thumb is making sure there is space on both sides of the area where you have placed a tool.

As in the photo above, wrench heads can be close together because there is enough space in between each individual wrench to remove it safely from the pegboard.

Label Your Pegboard Hooks and Sections when Necessary

Some people take a lot of tools off the pegboard at one time. The problem is trying to figure out what pegboard hook the tools belong to when finished.

If you know that is a problem for you, then label your hooks accordingly so when you take down the tools, it will be easy to remember where those items belong.

Labeling can also help if you have many smaller tools or hardware stored in pegboard bins or jars.

Tape in Pegboard Baskets

Set Bulky Items in Baskets or on Shelves

Hang pegboard baskets or bins to store bulky items like tape rolls or small cans of WD-40. These can also be stacked on pegboard shelves.

Pegboard shelves can also hold heavier tools like a small belt sander or speakers near the workbench.

Smaller Tools and Hardware in Pegboard Bins or Pegboard Jars

Keeping track of smaller items like drill bits, nuts, and screws can be challenging, but using pegboard jars or bins is a great way to keep them organized. This will also free up your workbench’s top surface – no more loose items all over it!

Pegboard Bins and jars make small items visible and easy to find. No more searching through boxes piled up on dusty garage shelves.

Electrical Cords on Garage Pegboard Walls

Keep Everything Off the Ground

When laying out how you will group tools on your pegboard take into consideration the length of the longer tools or extension cords. Keep these items off the ground. It will make it easier to sweep up and will make your workspace safer because you won’t knock tools off the pegboard when sweeping along the walls.

Review your Pegboard Organization System Every Year

You set up a pegboard organization system because it provides you with the flexibility of moving hooks, bins and shelves as needed. Review your pegboard layout annually to see if any changes should be made.

If you are finding that some tools or hooks have been used less often, move those items higher up so they don’t take up space on the pegboard when not in use.

Removable Pegboard Bins and Pegboard Jars

Use the Right Pegboard Storage Accessories to Maximize Tool Storage

You have put time and research into designing the best way to organize tools on a pegboard. You plan on this system lasting for years. Make sure you use the best pegboard accessories, designed to last just as long as your system.

The following is a list of World Axiom pegboard accessories designed by fellow pegboard believers for all of your projects today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

World Axiom pegboard storage supplies are designed to work best with a wood pegboard. Metal pegboard does not have enough thickness for our hooks and accessories to hang straight.

Heavy-Duty Pegboard Hooks

Heavy-duty pegboard hooks are designed to hold heavier tools and will last longer than hooks designed for 1/8″ holes. Putting thinner 1/8″ hole hooks into larger pegboard holes will work,  but these hooks will often fall out or bend down from the weight of the tools.

Also, find hooks with a high chrome finish to reduce the chances of transferring corrosion and to keep your workspace looking great.

Screws in Removable Pegboard Bins

Removable Pegboard Bins

No more dumping out half the bin trying to pry it off the wall when you use our removable bins. They are the first removable pegboard bins, designed to hold a lot of hardware and move effortlessly from the pegboard wall to the workspace and back again.  They are available in blue, red and teal.

Pegboard Jars

Crush Resistant Pegboard Jars

Our jars come in two sizes, standard and tall. Made of PET plastic, these jars are made to stay crystal clear and last for years. To see how durable these jars are (i.e. drop tests, withstanding a 175 lb. person standing on the jars), and more, check out “The World Axiom Pegboard Jar: Organization Solutions for Your Home or Workplace“.

Pegboard Shelves

Pegboard Shelves

Our shelves are made of heavy-duty steel brackets and white MDF boards. Each packet comes with three boards and six brackets. Stack them vertically or create a longer pegboard shelf on your wall.

For the latest pegboard products from World Axiom, Click the “Shop” button below.

The Complete Guide to Pegboard Organization

For even more ways to organize every room in your house with pegboard accessories, check out our Complete Guide to Pegboard Organization.

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