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Sometimes we want or need to relax and dream of a simpler life. Escaping to a cabin or lodge for a quick getaway helps but did you know you can recreate that same look inside your own kitchen with the right black bear kitchen decor? Here are some ideas to bring that black bear rustic charm into your newly themed kitchen area. You will love your new space no filter needed.

20195 - Wild and Free Canvas Lifestyle 3

Add some Black Bear Artwork to Your Walls

This Black bear at the cabin canvas wall art will start your bear themed kitchen off to a great start. Coming ready to hang in your home products like these makes decorating a breeze. The saying says it all; Wild and Free at the Cabin We'll Be! Once you have the space on your walls in black bear decor the rest of the items will fall in line.

20323 - Wild Wood Bear Canvas Lifestyle 2

There is plenty of great black bear wall art like this Life in the Woods Bear canvas. Make sure to add this black bear canvas around your kitchen area and in your home.

20314 Lighted Pine Wreath

Rustic Wall Art - Antler and Pine Wreath Lighted Canvas

This lighted Cabin Wreath canvas will add a little more rustic charm to your new cabin/lodge feel you are going for. Make sure you extend into the dining and living room area and this piece will tie them together nicely.

Where the Wild Things Gather Table

Where the Wild Things Gather

Most kitchens now have an open floor plan so make sure to include your dining area in the black bear themed kitchen as well. This large table in dark brown will help with the rustic charm. Having a nice large table for gatherings or just family will help complete the look. Think of all of the family meals, game nights, or other options this new space will give you.

Above that nice big table or even in the bear kitchen area itself this vintage style antler light fixture will continue your kitchen decor theme. It is adjustable so you can hang it as low as you need which is nice if you have high ceilings. If you need a fan and light in the kitchen instead then this rustic one with antlers will help move air and light your bear themed kitchen nicely. Maybe you have room for both in the kitchen and dining area creating that lodge feel.

Black Bear Salt and Pepper Shaker
Black Bear Table Runner

Time to Dress Up the Table with the Bear Necessities

Adding some accessories to your kitchen table will make it "beary" nice. The cute little country bears in a canoe for your salt and pepper shaker set will look perfect on the Cabin table runner with black bears on it.

Black Bear Coaster Set

Nothing says bear kitchen decor like the black bear coaster set along with the placemats that come with the runner. The pine trees on the runner and placemats go nicely with the Wild and Free Black Bear Canvas.

Black Bear Paper Towel Holder

Black Bear Kitchen Decor and More

Don't forget things like a paper towel holder, light switch/outlet covers, and a nice set of kitchen towels. The cute little black bears climbing a tree will keep your paper towels in easy reach and keep with the bear kitchen theme.

Black Bear Dish Towel Set

You can never buy enough dish towels but these assorted woodlands collection may be too cute to use, these can be displayed just for your kitchen decor.

Black Bear Light Switch Covers

Just changing out your outlet and light switch plates will update your rustic black bear kitchen decor, they have many styles to fit any design you may have.

Black Bear Floor Rug

No One Likes "Bear" Floors

Keep your feet happy and warm with this lodge themed area rug. Whether on your kitchen floor or under your dining table this will add some color and keep adding to your bear kitchen decor. Since it comes in many styles and sizes you can choose what will fit your area the best. With so many colors you will have many ideas of how you can continually add to your black bear and cabin decor.

Black Bear Wine Holder

Relax and Unwine - Black Bear Wine Holder

To complete your black bear kitchen decor this black bear wine holder is a perfect addition to your newly completed love of black bears and rustic cabin. Make sure your guests remember to refill your little guy if they help empty it. I am sure he will be a huge sell to your family and friends.

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Looking for More Cabin and Black Bear Ideas?

These black bear kitchen decor and items are perfect for anyone who wants to bring a touch of the outdoors inside their home. With these rustic cabin-inspired pieces, you can turn your kitchen and dining room into a cozy getaway. Whether you're looking for a little bit of decoration or want to completely transform your space, these black bear items are sure to do the trick. Check our more ideas in our post "Decorate Your Home with These Stunning Wilderness Wall Art Pieces".

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