Sewing Organization

5 Great Sewing Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Sewing Organization

I have 5 great sewing room Ideas for small spaces so you don’t become another statistic in the fight against clutter. An unofficial statistic says that the average American will spend one year of his/her life searching through desk clutter looking for misplaced objects.

When you look at your sewing corner have you ever felt powerless and don't know how to start organizing it? Here are five tips on organizing your sewing corner. Follow them and you will have a neat and convenient working area.

The first principle is to start with the classification of  small things – pins, needles. etcetera.

People typically put small pins, safety pins, needles and different color buttons into small boxes. All these different boxes then get put into a bigger box. Soon everything is being put into box after box after box. Before long, you cannot find the things you need until you open every single box, causing a bigger mess. To avoid this mess your items should be sorted, screened and identified in quantity and size. Put the same kind of things together and put similar items in the same storage device. 

sewing room ideas for small spaces

I love to use clear jars to store my sewing accessories. The jars I use are our own Pegboard Jars. These plastic jars have a patented hooking mechanism which fits both 1/8” or 3/16” hole pegboards. The jars are securely locked into the pegboard but can be easily moved if need be. These jars are plastic and do not break if dropped.  Because you can see what is in each jar you find the things you need immediately.

Pegboard Jars

Line Up Your Spools and Thread

Sewers use lots of thread and spools, and we have all many different colors of thread. I love to line my spools of thread up and hang them on a pegboard so that it is easy for me to choose the correct color. There are many different metal hangers in the market, but many of them fall off the board easily.

Look for a metal hook that matches your pegboard holes. If you have 1/4" diameter holes, don't use a hook designed for 1/8" holes. The 1/8" hook will fall out of the holes when you take something off. I use the Neiko Hooks in both the 4" and 6" version.  They don't have the metal ball or stopper on the end of the hook so you can remove your spools easily without the worry of the hooks falling out.

Sewing Room Ideas for Small Spaces 2

Where to Fit Everything?

Shelves and pegboards allow you to utilize vertical space. I love to put up all my jars to the pegboard.  The regular pegboards being sold at hardware store may be too large for a small sewing corner. The one that I am using now is a framed pegboard which is about 30”x23”. It is a very good size for the white wall at my work desk.

Pegboard Craft Caddy Organizer

Lazy Susan Pegboard Caddy

Store Things That Are Not Frequently Used

When you sort out your sewing corner, you may find hundreds of yards of fabric which you bought over the years. As a sewer, I use lots of muslin for my embroidery. I always have muslin at my sewing corner but store the rest of the fabrics which I had bought for other projects. Never stack up the rarely used fabrics at your working space. They will only  make clutter and take up extra space.

A Final Suggestion

Clean up your working space at the end of the day. By returning everything to its intended place, you won't have to deal with clutter when you start your next sewing project.

Pegboard Jars Red

Are You a Pegboard Jars Organization Fanatic Too?

Pegboard Jars Red

At World Axiom we are pegboard jar fanatics. We find uses for them in every room of the house, in the garage and will also renovate rooms slightly larger than closets just to find a space to put up more pegboard. We’ll then load the pegboard with pegboard accessories that we design, or great products other companies make, and organize everything.

Why do we think our Pegboard Jars are  superior to the others on the market? Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how our obsession came about.

The History of The Pegboard Jar

Pegboard Jars have been around since the 60s in one form or another. The type I remember the most is the Handy Dandy Pegboard Jar Cap and the glass baby food jars that screwed into them.

Handy Dandy Jar and Lid

The first set of them that my father owned was gifted to him after a family friend had passed. I must have been about 5 years old when I went with him to the friend’s garage workshop to pick them up. His garage was full of every type of woodworking machine you could imagine. But what I remember most were the walls and walls of brown pegboard, and the strange pegboard containers sticking out of those walls.

Every jar on the walls was full of a different kind of hardware - screws, nuts, bolts, rubber gaskets etc. I had never seen anything like it.

There was a lot of unscrewing of jars, wrapping jars and trying to get the caps out of the wall without breaking them. If anyone remembers these caps, there was a hook on the top of the cap, in the middle, that held the cap in the pegboard. If you snapped that hook off the cap was useless. They snapped off easily because they were designed to go in and stay in.

The caps were not expensive. You could buy them through an ad on the back of Popular Mechanics (found this out when trying to find replacement glass jars years ago). So when the cap broke people just bought a new stack of these lids.

As the years went on the product was discontinued. The existing jars broke people found the new baby food jars were smaller. The threads on the baby food jars didn't match the caps anymore. Then baby food started coming in pouches, and so there weren't many options left.

Soon you could only find the Handy Dandy caps on eBay, but as time passed the availability of that option became less and less.

Metal Jar Lids and the Wooden Board Solution


Photo: Mellish Fields West

Some people began, and still do, to hammer a metal cap into a board and then screw in a jar to hold the hardware. You can nail up a big spaghetti jar cap and then fill up this big jar many, many items.

The downside to this cap and jar option is that if you miss the thread on a jar, and let go of the jar, you have broken glass everywhere, just like the old Handy Dandy jars.

Jars Similar to Handy Dandy Appear on the Market

Several years ago a copy of the Handy Dandy pegboard jar appeared on the market. It was a complete kit, cap and jar. But now the jar was a plastic jar. Great, I thought; I can buy these and replace the glass jars I broke in my father's garage. The color didn't match the original red caps, but that didn't matter. What I didn't know until I bought them was that that, while the plastic jar had the solid feeling of the old baby jars, when I went to unscrew a jar full of bolts and grabbed it as you would the old glass jar, the plastic jar just crushed in my hand. That jar, of course, was useless.

The cap also had the same problem the original caps did, a top hook that broke off easily when you tried to move the pegboard jar.

World Axiom Pegboard Jars

Pegboard Jars Blue

What to do? Time to design something better. Something that addressed all the issues I faced with not just the original jars , but also the copies of the original.

The cap locking system

The first thing that needed to change was the locking mechanism. Pegboard storage and organization is not a set-it-and forget-it process. Boards change as new tools are added. Interests also change, and as a result, different materials take priority. So we designed a patented hook, squeeze and lock system that keeps the pegboard jar fixed, but allows it to be moved when needed, and without the worry of the cap breaking.

The storage jar

How do to create the look and feel of the glass baby food jar but with the durability of plastic?

Step 1. Carefully wrap an original glass jar, load it up in bubble wrap and ship it off to have a mold made of it.

Step 2. Test various plastics and settle on PET. PET gives the strength and durability of the glass jar but WITHOUT the breakage problems. Drop a PET jar full of screws and it will just bounce on the floor.

Step 3. Make a whole bunch of samples and see if they pass the father-pegboard-wall test.

The Original Handy Dandy Jars

Garage Wall

The New World Axiom Pegboard Jars

World Axiom Pegboard Jars

Success! My dad loved the pegboard jars. They were an improvement on the original jars.  That is when I knew the new pegboard jars were winners!

 We also made major upgrade to dad’s garage, replacing the old pegboard with 1/4" white pegboard. But the jars and lids work on both old and new pegboard types! The prototype to the World Axiom Framed Pegboard can also be seen above.

What about the colors?

A final note. Rebecca, the owner of World Axiom, loves to sew. However, she also wanted a color that would match with her white and pastel accessories and the red jar lids just did not work. She suggested light blue, we had the lids made using tis color, and they have been a very well received. We have started with These two colors.


Pegboard Jars Red


Pegboard Jars

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We have many more pegboard accessories planned, and look forward to sharing them with you.