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Even though you may not live in a beach house or near the ocean with some coastal birds and natural accent pieces you can create a coastal bedroom design for your master bedroom. If you have a guest room you can also change that bedroom decor into a coastal feel.

You don't have to have majored in interior design to create your new bedroom, just follow along for easy decor ideas. When you are done your entire room will become your seaside escape.

Behr Spanish Sand

Refresh Your Walls

With so many great new paint colors from BEHR Color Trends 2023 you can go as light or bright as you want to create a backdrop for your coastal style bedroom. I think the color Spanish Sand behind the coastal bird canvases will provide the perfect accent wall to highlight each piece of coastal bedroom decor you add.

20351 - Shorebird Heron Canvas Lifestyle 3

Majestic Heron at Mid-Day Canvas Art

This tall heron is standing alongside the water's edge near the plant life and fish I am sure staking his claim. With bright colors and shades of blue all of the details on this come to life.

20350 - Brown Shorebirds Canvas

Brown Shorebirds Having Fun

A pair of Brown Shorebirds are just taking an easy stroll on the beach with the sun in the sky and the ocean at their feet. With so many shades of blue, it gives you many ways to pull in that color scheme. Sometimes the pictures of wildlife help bring that little bit of nature inside for us to enjoy.

20355 - Shorebird Pelican Canvas Lifestyle 4

The Mighty Pelican at Rest

While the clouds are above him and water all around this happy Pelican shows you the beauty of the beach and adds to the coastal feel of your bedroom design. The little starfish and seashells add reminders of the gifts the ocean brings.

Amazing Canvas for Your Coastal Bedroom

These three coastal bird canvases to add to your coastal bedroom ideas. They all show natural elements like sand, water and nature. Coming ready to hang you can create your accent wall in no time at all. With their eye-catching colors and blue hues it will make the next step of adding small details a breeze. Place one above a dresser, another above your bed frame or next to your reading chair to make it a little more cozy.

Square Jute Rug
Oval Jute Jug

Don't forget your floors - Jute Rugs and Mats

Simply adding a jute rug it will add to your coastal beach themed bedroom.

It come in many shades and sizes so you can use it next to your bed frame and another by your reading/sitting area by the window or nightstand. The smaller oval jute rug can be by your window or even under the full length mirror. With the perfect combination of style, texture and durability it makes decorating the floor an easy bedroom idea.

Coastal Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows Add to a Coastal Bedroom Design

Adding some throw pillows to your bedroom adds another level of mediums, textures and colors. These decorative pillows in burlap linen are perfect for on your bed or on a chair. The different shades of turquoise and beige would look great in your room and add to the color scheme. This space is now starting to look like a relaxing sleeping space.

Nautical Lamp

You Can Never Have Too Much Light

This must have nautical accent lamp will look amazing in your bedroom space. With a light shade of blue green glass it will look great on your wood furniture. It's as if it came right from the sea or ocean and into your bedroom. At this point you can now imagine yourself reading a book in a calm perfect space with this lamp. What a beauty!

Coastal Bed Spread

Don't Forget to Dress Your Bed

This lightweight and airy cotton quilt set comes in a geometric pattern and this shade of cream white is just what your coastal bedroom needs. Being all season you can use this on your bed all year. Buying new bedding is never a bad idea, it's an easy way to dress things up just a little bit more.

Coastal Bedroom Mirror

Make your space look bigger - Add a Mirror

This arched full length floor mirror can stand or lean against the wall making it easy to move around as needed. You can see your coastal bedroom decor from all angles and it adds a little light.

Tray for Glasses and Jewelry

Little Details to Bring it all Together

Keep your glasses, watches or other jewelry safe before you go to bed or as you are getting ready for the day. This double tray can easily sit on a dresser or nightstand next to your bed. It just adds another element of distinction to your newly created coastal bedroom. Small decor ideas can make a big impact.

20341 - Just Gotta Coast Wall Art

Just Gotta Coast Wall Art

If you have a larger space that needs some attention opting for this longer Gotta Coast Canvas Wall Art will remind you of days at the beach with dunes and seagulls flying above. It will make a statement on your wall for sure.

Little Touches, Vases and Dried Flowers

Add Those Little Touches

By adding some little things like ceramic vases by your windows or on your furniture those are the final touches. Some fake flowers or even real ones you picked on a walk will make your room have an airy feeling.

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Now Your Natural Beach Themed Bedroom is Your Own Coastal Oasis

Your master bedroom is now a tranquil, serene coastal oasis with natural textures and calming blue hues. Combining the right elements can make this dreamy beach retreat come to life! Friends will be envious of your bedroom, but show them you care by sharing this helpful blog so they too can create their own seaside paradise in no time.

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