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Garage Pegboard

Your garage pegboard will be an organization oasis with our Tall Pegboard Jars. Say good bye to the cost and frustration of missing hardware.

I’ve been there too.  Staring at my garage pegboard wondering what will I do with those thousands of holes. 

Next, looking at shelves full of boxes of nuts, bolts, washers and every other piece of hardware hidden away that I can never find when I need it.

Our World Axiom Tall Pegboard Jars are designed to solve your garage organization challenge.

Tall Pegboard Jars – How Tall?

Tall Red Pegboard Jar Size
Regular Red Pegboard Jar Size

We upsized our original pegboard jars to 3.9 inches tall (3.75" internal height).  Does one inch make that much of difference?  You bet it does.

Hardware up to 3.5” inches will easily fit inside these jars.  No more will screws and nuts be lost in the rows of boxes lining your shelves.

Or fill them full of nuts and washers.

Our tall jars are the same diameter as our regular jars so everything will line up perfectly on your board.

Jars Alignment

Just what I needed for my new Tuff Shed.


Your Workbench is Now Ready

Red Pegboard Jar photo

Doesn’t seem like there is ever enough storage space even with a pegboard above the workbench?  Sure you have hooks for the tools but you find yourself still searching through drawers for a washer, a nut or rubber gasket. 

Our tall pegboard jars will keep those components within reach so you can work as efficiently as possible.

Our tall pegboard jars are made of crystal clear plastic that will stay clear for years.  It is also impact resistant so you don’t have to worry about dropping one full of screws.

Pegboard Organization is Easy

Pegboard organization is easy with our squeeze, hook, and clip system for locking on the caps.  So you only need to twist the jar to take the jar with you.  The cap stays on the board so you can easily return everything to its correct place when you are done.

If you want to re-oganize your pegboard the caps can unlock and reposition easily by squeezing the top clips and gently pulling the cap forward.  Then lock it back in to its new spot.

Pegboard Jar Installation

How Many Pegboard Jars Do You Need in Your Garage?

Garage Organization

It’s not just for organizing but quickly and easily finding the hardware you need.

Getting all that stuff out of boxes on shelves frees up shelf space and the added cost and frustration of buying what you already had but couldn’t find.

Product works great. Saves me time in my work van not having to look for material that I use frequently.


Red Pegboard Jars to Match

Photo of Tall Pegboard Jars

We also know you want a little style in the garage too.

The red caps color will match with the other hardware storage systems or your toolbox.

Say good bye to bags and boxes full of hardware you can never find when you need it. 

Order Your Tall Pegboard Jars today by clicking the ad below.

World Axiom Tall Jars Set of 6

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