How-to Build Your Own Ribbon Rack

Building your own ribbon rack will display all the rolls of ribbon your stacked up on your desk.  This design is adjustable to fit all different roll sizes.


Bill of Materials






1 x 6 Select pine



1 x 6 Select pine



1 x 6 Select pine


Feet for surface mount

1 x 3 select pine


Rear stiffener brace

1 x 2 select pine


Rod support

1/2th inch sanded plywood


#10-1 1/2-inch wood screw

Phillips head


#10- 2-inch wood screw

Phillips head


#6-32 x 1-3/4”

Hollow wall anchor


Keyhole Hangers


Screws for keyhole hangers


White Semi-gloss paint




1 ½  inch dowel pins

Material Preperation

Pine boards

I used one select pine board 1 in x 6 in X 8 ft.

I was able to cut top, bottom, two sides, the feet and the stiffener out of the one board.

  1. Cut all the 1-inch pieces. Actual thickness is ¾ in.
  2. Cut 3 of the rod supports out of the 24 in x 24 in sanded one side plywood. The third piece was to clamp under the other two to keep the drill from tearing up the bottom of the hole.
3. Set up a router table with a 3/16 in radius round over bit. Set the fence to remove the sharp edges on all straight pieces

a. On the top piece round the top edges and corners. Leave the bottom edges sharp.

b. On the bottom piece round the bottom edges and corners. Leave the top edges sharp.

c. On the sides round the outside edges.

d. Round all the edges of the feet.

e. Round all the edges of the stiffener.

f. After you drill/cut the channels in the rod holders, round the inside edges of the channel, including the channels and holes.


  1. Drill the 3/16 in clearance holes for the screws.
  2. Counter sink the outside of the holes, so the screw heads fit flush.


  1. Drill two holes in each end of the side boards for the dowels. These are deep.


  1. Drill the 2 shallow holes to align with the dowels in the side boards. I used dowels. You can use screws. If you do be very careful with the alignment of the top and sides.


  1. Drill the 2 shallow holes to align with the dowels in the side boards. I used dowels, you can use screws. If you do be very careful with the alignment of top and side.
  2. Align the feet with the bottom piece and mark the holes for the screws. Drill 1/8th inch starter holes for the screws.


  1. Align the stiffener to the side pieces and drill 3/16 in clearance holes. Note - after the rod supports are glued in place these holes will have to be extended through the rod support.
  2. Mark the holes in the end of the stiffener and drill 1/8 in starter holes for the screws.
  3. Counter sink the holes so the screw heads are flush.

Rod Support

  1. Round the inside edges.
  2. Glue the rod supports to the side pieces.


  1. Cut 7 3/8-inch dowel rods 11 ½ inches long.


      1. Finish sanding all the pieces with 220 grade sand paper.

      2. Patch any chipped edges and sand smooth.

      3. Paint all the wood pieces.

      4. Attach the wall mounting keyholes to the top back of the side pieces.

Assembly Instructions

1.  Parts required for the ribbon rack. There are two styles of rack. One is assembled with glue and wooden dowels and one is assembled with wood screws. These instructions cover both.

2.  Attach the top and bottom to the sides of the rack using dowels or screws, depending on the style of rack. Use a small amount of glue on the dowels. The bottom has 2 small holes drilled in each edge for attaching the feet. The sides have a metal keyhole for wall mounting. The keyhole should be on the top of the back. Note - the rod channels should be pointing downward.

3.  Attach the stiffener to the center of the center of the sides using the 2-inch wood screws. The rounded edges of the stiffener face the front.

4.  If you are mounting the rack on a counter top, attach the feet using the 2 ¾ inch wood screws. For wall mounts do not attach the feet.

5.  Install the rods in the channels positions to allow clearance for the size(s) of your spools.

6.  Done!

FREE How-to-build E-Book

So you have copied the above info for making your own ribbon rack?  How about just click the button below to download the E-Book version of the above instructions, which includes all the above steps.

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