How to do a Spider Web Rose

How do you mix up your embroidery look? You can use ribbon instead of thread! I am going to show you how to use ribbon to do a Spider Web Rose. The Spider Web Rose is sometimes called a Spider Web Stitch, Woven Rose, Woven Wheel and Woven Spoke. This dimensional rose is woven by ribbon through a framework of a 5 point star. The most interesting part of this stitch is that you can use different materials, such as woolen thread, satin ribbon, pear cotton etc.

A small hint on ribbon embroidery, use a needle with a large eye to make it easy to thread the ribbon. This will help the ribbon pass through the fabric easily and minimize fraying.

It will be an interesting week for me as I am preparing a 3-week project for my embroidery followers. I will show you how to make your own pouch with pretty embroidery starting next week.

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