How to make a Double Happiness Sachet – (Part 2)

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Did you find the Double Happiness embroidery mesmerizing? Although it takes longer time to complete the embroidery, the result of the embroidery, especially with the DMC satin floss, will not let you down. The exceptional sheen that the thread brought cannot be compared with other embroidery floss. The scented sachet I used was bought from a dollar store. You can make your own scented sachet if you have your own. You can also get them from Amazon (MYARO 12 Packs Lavender Scented Sachets). You can make this sachet without hanger so that you can put it in drawer or even put it underneath your pillow to give you a s relaxing good sleep.

You can download the free pattern again ​HERE.

I will show you how to use repetitive pattern for embroidery next week.

Thrive Lea