How to make a Zipper Pouch with Round Fish Embroidery – Part 2


Last week, I had demonstrated how to prepare the patterns and sew the patch to the pouch fabric. You should have a good start of the project and looking forward to my tutorial this week. I am going to show you how to embroider the Round Fish.

In order to make the embroidery more interesting, I chose two different tones of blue color thread to embroider the fish. As you notice the two fish are symmetrical, you can use these different tones of thread to embroider the body and tail and use the opposite color thread to do the same for the other fish. I used Chain Stitch to complete the fish body, Satin Stitch to complete the tail and French knot for its eye.

When you do the Chain Stitch, I suggest to stitch from outside to the inside of the fish, it will make a nicer circle. Secondly, make each of the chain stitch smaller when you stitch along, the fish will look like its woven.

Click here to download my fish pattern.

I will show you how to hand sew the pouch and zipper together next week.

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