How to Use a Pegboard Retail Display to Sell Home Decor Wall Art

Pegboard Retail Display

Let's learn how a pegboard retail display is a great way to sell and display home decor in your store. It can be used to create eye-catching displays, but it is also functional.

By simply rearranging the pegboard display, merchants can switch up their displays for each season to entice customers to buy.

What are the benefits of pegboard displays for merchandising wall art?

Pegboard gives you the flexibility to easily change the layout of your display,  keeping your display fresh. Patching or repainting your walls because you had been using screws or nails to hang display items on walls? Any time to do just that is reduced when you use pegboard and use shelving or hooks on the pegboard to make your displays.

Price tag fixtures can be moved easily as displays are rearranged for new products.

Pegboard Brackets

What kind of wall art are you going to put on your pegboard displays?

Before your product arrives you can preplan the types of pegboard fixtures you will need. Some of the  questions to ask are:

  • Does it have a wire hanger on the back or sawtooth hooks?
  • What is it made of?
  • What is the height and width of your wall art?
  • Are your hooks heavy-duty for any type of product?
  • Are you going to display products in rows or columns? What kind of layout will look best for your space?
  • Did you leave enough space between hooks so it is easy for customers to remove items from the hooks?

How to Display Wall Art with Pegboard

Items with sawtooth hooks

There are three ways to display multiple products with sawtooth hooks.

Pegboard Shelf

Pegboard Shelves

Stack lean multiple units against the pegboard on a shelf or at the bottom of the display. This primarily depends on the size and weight of each unit.

J Hook for Single Items

Use 6" or longer heavy-duty pegboard hooks.

These hooks can hold several items.  Keep in mind that if the wall art such as a canvas slides forward, there is the chance it will slide off the end of the hooks as this type of hook normally has only a slight bend.  Use these hooks for lighter items to be safe.

Pegboard Hooks for Retail

Use shelf brackets

As you can see from the photo, the brackets provide plenty of space for several pieces of wall art, even those that are 1/2-1" thick.  The 45-degree bend at the end of the hook will protect your products from sliding off the hooks.  The brackets also have a bottom support bar for heavier items.

Products with Wire hangers or Loops on Pegboard Hooks

J Hook for Single Items

How to use shorter hooks

L, J, and short pegboard hooks are great  for organizing smaller individual items.

Wood signs, ornaments, or any type of item with a loop can be hung using a pegboard and work great with these smaller hooks.

L hooks for multiple items

Use longer hooks to hang groups of small products.

Longer 6" hooks are great for grouping  same sku items onto one hook. You can then add some great assortment displays with other hooks on the board.

Tip: Avoid hanging assortments on the same hook if you do not have a way to take off a single item.  If the items are all hung with loops, such as a Christmas ornament, the customer would need to take all items off to get the one they want.  This constant removing of items leads to a higher chance for damage.

The Best Types of Pegboard Accessories for a Pegboard Retail Display

Store fixtures get put through a lot. They have to be durable and stand up to a variety of different stresses, but must still be attractive enough so that customers will want them.  For these reasons, experts recommend pegboard accessories made from steel with a high chrome finish for 1/4" pegboard holes as they are the most durable type available.

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