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I have a confession. Although gift bags are cheap, easily accessible, and can be stuffed with pretty tissue paper, I am addicted to wrapping presents. Years ago, I discovered Pinterest and since then, all I want to do when I buy a gift is to figure out a clever, interesting, beautiful way to display it to the recipient.

A Mess to be Reckoned With

Let's face it, wrapping paper is harder to store than gift bags. The annoying rolls never stay on the cardboard tube and end up squashed and ripped in the back of the closet. I found my habit hard to feed effectively with the mess that it generated. All of the ribbon, string, and various decorative items scattered everywhere, left me frustrated and unorganized. None of the usual avenues for organizing helped until I found World Axiom's amazing pegboard accessories.

What is a Pegboard?

Pegboards are an age-old idea, invented somewhere in the early 1900s. The original name was perforated hardboard. The actual name pegboard didn't come into use until 1952. Some of us might remember dad's garage pegboards that was plain brown, filled with holes, and pegboard hooks were used to hang tools. A pegboard hook hung on the board to hold small items like pliers, wrenches, or hammers.

Fast forward to the World Axiom pegboard accessories. These nifty and attractive systems moved my wrapping paper obsession to a whole new level!

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Getting Started With My Wrapping Station

The first order of business is to get the pegboard to attach the pegboard hooks and other pegboard accessories. World Axiom's accessories are compatible with boards equipped with 3/16”, 1/8", or 1/4″ holes, so I worked within those parameters.

To accommodate the wrapping paper rolls, I installed large pegboard hooks and threaded wooden dowels through them. The wooden dowels help to keep my rolls secure when I am selecting how much paper I need or I am finished wrapping. My pegboard is already a big help!

Pegboard Bins - World Axiom

Organization Choices to Store My Items

Decorative options are endless when it comes to wrapping gifts. From ribbon and string to specialty tags, sprigs of flowers or branches, to whimsical pom poms, all this sundry needs a place. Lucky for me, World Axiom has just the right stuff for my mess so I can feed my need to create!

Pegboard Bins

World Axiom features removable bins that are attached with chrome-plated pegboard hooks. The purchase comes with 12 bins and hooks, ready to increase your storage capacity.

The perfect size with a base of 4"D x 3"W. and a top that measures 5”D x 3.5”W x 2.5”H, the bins are an awesome addition to my wrapping station. Rolls of tape, string, or ribbon fit just right and provide the convenience necessary for a fun gift-wrapping session!

Pegboard Jars - World Axiom

Pegboard Jars

With lids that mount on the pegboard, the large and regular-sized clear pegboard jars allow me to see the assortment of small items I have available at any given time. The jars are a welcome addition for buttons, bells, tiny pine cones, acorns, wood beads, and more.

Large jars are 2"x 4" and come in lots of 6 each. Regular-sized jars are sold in a set of 12 and measure 2" x 3" each. Each jar has a 1/4 turn lock system to make use easy for anyone. Every jar has three built-in pegboard hooks that fit neatly into 1/8″ and 1/4″ standard pegboards.

The next pegboard attachment is the pegboard accessories cups. These ingenious organization tools hold my scissors, longer twigs, cinnamon sticks, cotton branches, and keep my supplies intact. They hang from metal ring pegboard hooks that keep the cup neatly in place.

Pegboard Shelves

Pegboard shelves are an excellent way to store various size boxes for my wrapping station. I can nest hard boxes inside each other or stack unconstructed ones. Axiom World carries a set of 3 pegboard shelves with hi-chromed brackets. Our shelves measure 14” L X 6 ½” W, ½” D.

Pegboard Attachments - World Axiom

Why Axiom World Products?

At World Axiom, we value quality and customer service. Our goal is to be the #1 pegboard accessory company on the market.

All of our jars are made of PET plastic, which equates to a heavy duty, scratch-resistant product that is as sturdy as glass baby jars. Our pegboard hooks and brackets won't bend or break, which makes your life easier.

If you are tired of wasting money on organizational items that don't last, test out our pegboard accessories. Check out our full line on our Amazon store: WorldAxiom.

The Complete Guide to Pegboard Organization

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