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Holiday Loop Bow

DIY Holiday Loop Bow: Easy, pretty, and perfect for your little girl!

Holiday season is here!  I have two little girls and I love having a bow for every outfit and occasion.  I realized very quickly that finding bows the exact colors or patterns I wanted was impossible, so I began making them myself.  Now I can mix and match to make the perfect bow for any occasion.  The Loop Bow is one of my favorites because it looks fancy, but it is a fairly easy bow to make.


Holiday bow materials


  • Needle and Tread
  • 1 Alligator clip
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Glue gun
  • 5 8-inch ribbon pieces
  • 4 7-inch ribbon pieces
  • 3 6-inch ribbon pieces
  • 1 gem
Holiday Loop Bow Pinterest


1. Starting with the 7-inch ribbon pieces by stacking them on top of each other and folding them in half (Note: if the ribbon only has pattern on one side make sure the side you want to see is on the inside of the fold).

2. Use the lighter to heat the edges just enough to keep the ribbon from fraying.  We do not want the ribbon to catch fire! Just enough heat to melt the edges a little.

3. Using the needle and thread, run the needle through the middle of your fold BUT only until the needle is halfway through (see photo for reference).

4. Spread your ribbon pieces apart so they are equal distance from each other.  It should look like an asterisk.

5. Piece by piece fold over the ribbon and run the edge through the needle to make your loops.

6. Once you have all loops attached you need to run serval passes through the center of your bow and then, when it feels like all loops are secure, tie a knot. (Tip: if the needle is har to push through you can use a hard surface to push the needle, but, be gentle or you will break your needle).

7. Repeat steps 1-6 for each layer.

8. Once all your layers are complete it is time to put it all together (this is where you need the hot glue gun).  Put a large drop of glue in the center of your first layer and then place the second layer on top. Press and hold the layers together until the glue has cooled (this only takes about 15 seconds).  Repeat this for each layer ending with a gem (or whatever you chose for your centrepiece) in the middle of the top layer.

9. Finally, Add a strip of glue to the alligator clip (I like these: https://amzn.to/2RhpgVn and attach it to the center of the bottom of the bow.

Bow Options

This style of bow has so many options to make it a perfect bow for whatever the occasion.

You can make them as large or small as you like by the length of the ribbons.  You can make as many layers as you want. 

I don’t recommend going over 9 inches for the first layer as the bow gets too big.  On the flip side 5 inches would be the smallest I would go.

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