Learn How to Make Small 3 Layer Hair Bows for Girls

Learn how to make a small 3 layer hair bow for girls.  A great bow to make two of because it looks adorable in pigtails!

Three Layer Hair Bow for Girls


  • Needle and Tread
  • 1 Fabric covered alligator clip
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Glue gun
  • 2 5-inch ribbon pieces of 3/8 inch ribbon
  • 1 4 ½-inch piece of 3/8 inch ribbon
  • 1 3-inch piece of 3/8 inch ribbon
  • 1 2-inch piece of 3/8 inch ribbon
Learn how to make a small 3 layer hair bow for girls. A great bow to make two of because it looks adorable in pigtails!


Fold the 3 inch piece of ribbon in half, length wise and then again width wise and the cut the edge going from the middle of the fold to the end corner of the ribbon.  Your ends will look like the end of an arrow (see figure 1)

Use the lighter to heat the edges just enough to keep the ribbon from fraying.  We do not want the ribbon to catch fire! Just enough heat to melt the edges a little.

Fold the 5 inch and 4 inch pieces in half to make a crease line that you will use as your guide.  This will make your loops even.

Put a small drop of glue on each side of the crease and fold your ribbon end to the glue making a double loop ribbon.  Repeat for the other 5-inch and the 4 -inch ribbon.

Now, place the two bigger loop pieces together in an X and then place the third loop ribbon on top of those two length wise so that it is between the narrow part of your X.

Carefully fold the Bow in half length wise

Using the needle and thread, run the needle through the middle of the, make two passes. Then tie a knot.  This helps keep the pinch in the middle of the bow

Next using a hot glue gun place a strip of glue on the 3/8 inch ribbon and wrap it around the pinched part of the bow.

Now we attach or final layer.  Put a small line of glue on the pattern side of the 3-inch piece of ribbon.  Glue it to the bottom of the ribbon perpendicular with the top piece.  Make sure you are centered.

Time to attach the alligator clip.  Using the hot glue gun put a strip of glue on the top of the fabric covered alligator clip and attach to the center of the back of the bow. If you are not making your own fabric covered alligator clip, I like these clips on the right-------------->. https://amzn.to/2M3f6SU


This style of bow has so many options as far as color combinations go.  You can use all different colors, all the same colors, and everywhere in between. 

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