Pegboard Hooks That Don’t Fall Out!

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Why do metal pegboard hooks always fall out of the pegboard every time you take off a tool, ribbon roll, or pack of accessories you have hanging on your board?

The answer is that all those metal hooks were designed decades ago for 1/8" diameter pegboard holes. These days most pegboard uses 1/4" diameter holes.  The gauge of the metal wire is half the size of today's holes.

The hooks go in and will hold because they are long enough to grab the top of the hole.  However, they have all that wiggle room and if you lift the hook at all when you go to take something off the board, the hook slides out with it.  Where do they go when they fall out?  Usually just out of reach under your heavy workbench, under a nearby cabinet or somewhere under your car.

World Axiom Pegboard Hooks

In our previous blog post "Pegboard Accessories - Why We Love Them" we gave a brief overview of the line of pegboard storage ideas we are developing. Let's look more indepth at our Pegboard Hooks.

  • Three colors: blue, white, and black
  • Measure 3.63" long
  • Made of high strength plastic
  • Lock in place with our patent pending hook and snap in system.
  • Easily relocated but you must squeeze the locking legs to  unhook it from the board
  • Currently in transit to our US Warehouse
Wortld Axiom Pegboard Hooks Siz

Making Inspiration Easier

Our pegboard hooks use the same board "footprint" as our World Axiom Pegboard Jars.  This means you can keep your materials and accessories in clean rows making it easier to find your supplies.

Available Soon on Amazon

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