Pegboard Storage Gets Upsized with Tall Pegboard Jars

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Pegboard Storage

You have even more pegboard storage options with our Tall Pegboard Jars.  Fill them up with your favorite craft, sewing, or jewellery accessories.

Tall Pegboard Jars – How Tall?

We upsized our original pegboard jars to 3.75 inches tall.  Does one inch make that much of difference?  You bet it does.

Tall vs Short Blue Pegboard Jars

Longer pieces of chalk, quilting bobbins, needles, and clips will fit in out taller jars.

More ribbon, bands, piles of buttons and more fit in them too.

Our tall jars are same diameter as our regular jars so everything will line up perfectly on your board.

Works great for holding my cricut blades.

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Crafting and Staying Organized with Pegboard Storage

Tall Blue Pegboard Jar

How many thousands of small pieces do you need to keep organized when crafting or designing your crafts or making a new piece of jewellery?

Not only do you need to sort them, you need to find them quickly and easily.

Our tall pegboard jars are made of crystal clear plastic that will stay clear for years.  It is also impact resistant so you don’t have to worry about dropping one.

Great for Storage.


Easy Access to Your Tools

Our caps easily clip and lock onto your pegboard.  So you only need to twist the jar to take the jar with you  The cap stays on the board so you can easily return everything to its correct place when you are done.

World Axiom Tall Jars Set of 6

If you want to re-oganize your pegboard the caps can unlock and reposition easily by squeezing the top clips and gently pulling the cap forward.  Then lock it back in to its new spot.

How Many Pegboard Jars Do You Need for Sewing?

Tall Pegboard Jars Blue

Bobbins, Needle, Notations – Oh my! Everything in its place and right where you need it. 

It’s not just for organizing but displaying all those pieces nicely is just as much fun.

Getting all that clutter off your desk gives you more space to work.  From small spaces, 6 Amazing Small Space Organization Hacks for Your Craft Room, to giant work spaces, make it your own paradise.

And hey, the blue cap jars will add a splash of color to your walls of pegboard too.

Blue Pegboard Caps

It's so handy, frees up desk space, and brightens up my peg board.


Say good bye to bags and boxes full of accessories you can never find when you need them. 

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