Ring Style Pegboard Hooks To Master Pegboard Organization

Ring Style Pegboard Hooks To Master Pegboard Organization

Use Ring Style Pegboard Hooks to take your pegboard organization skills to the next level.  Our heavy duty round pegboard hooks will organize all your tools and accessories that require a unique solution.

How do we know these ring hooks work so well?  Our customers let us know.

Large Hook for larger items or cups and jar storage.

Big D 

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Perfect for hanging craft tools so they are easily accessible.

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Round Pegboard Hooks

How Will You Use Round Pegboard Hooks?

Here are just few of uses from our own pegboards.

  • Pegboard Pencil Cup
  • Glue Gun Holder
  • Mallet Ring
  • Fishing Lure Organizer
  • Fabric Ring
  • Planted Pot Holder

We are sure there are countless other uses and look forward to hearing how our customers use these rings.

Your Own Pegboard Pencil Cups

If you have your own style pegboard pencil cup you are going to use with these rings, we recommend using a tapered cup with a diameter great than 3” at the mouth so that the cup can be easily taken out and put back easily when using your supplies.

For an easy solution for a pegboard pencil cup style product check out our Pegboard Cups Line.

Heavy Duty Round Pegboard Hooks

Heavy Duty Pegboard Hooks, Really?

Heavy duty pegboard hooks is a claim that is used too often in the pegboard hook industry. 

When we say it, we mean it and have the proof to back it up.

To test them we got out a 10 lb dumbbell and hung it from the ring.  The ring stayed locked in and supported the dumbbell.

Hooks for 1/4" Pegboard Holes

Our metal pegboard hooks will only work in ¼” pegboard holes because we use the thickest steel wire that will fit in these holes. The thicker the gauge of steel wire the more weight it can support.

High Chrome Finish Pegboard Hooks

Pegboard Hooks Need to Look Good

All our pegboard hooks have a high chrome finish to protect the hooks for years to come and will keep your workspace looking amazing.

Round Pegboard Hooks

Right Angle Bends to Keep Hooks Locked in

The cheaper pegboard hooks on the market will often have only a slight bend to hook them into pegboard; this allows them to fall out more easily when you take tools off your pegboard.  How many times have you grumbled to yourself as these cheap hooks fall off time and time again?

Our ring style pegboard hooks use a right angle bend to hook into your wooden pegboard securely.

Hooks for Metal Pegboard

Will They Work With Metal Pegboard?

Yes. They will work with metal pegboard such as Wall Control and stay locked in. 

Wall Control Pegboard
Wall Control Pegboard Back

 However, be aware that because the metal pegboard is thinner than a wooden pegboard there is some space in the back bend and the hooks will angle down slightly.  You can see from the photo above that the angle is only slight.

All World Axiom pegboard hooks use a 90-degree bend to insure maximum versality with different pegboard suppliers.

Get Your Pegboard Accessories Pegboard Hooks 100% Risk Free

If you are not 100% thrilled with your pegboard tool organizer cups, we promise to issue a full refund on-the-spot! No questions asked.

To order our Pegboard Rings that one Amazon customer, Butters, reviewed with this simple statement:

“Great, Works Perfectly”, click the link below.

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