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The Complete Guide to Pegboard Organization

Complete Guide to Pegboard Organization

Learn everything you need to know about using pegboards. You will be amazed at how easy it is to stay organized and declutter your space using pegboards. If you are looking for an easy, cost-effective organizing solution, pegboards are one of the best tools you can use!

In this blog post, we will be covering everything from building a pegboard, where to put it, and which accessories work best for pegboard organization.

What is Pegboard?

Pegboard is a sheet of material (wood, metal, or plastic) with holes arranged in a grid pattern in rows or columns. Hooks and other accessories are placed in these holes to hang tools, equipment, and other items. Easy access for all when working on projects!

Why use Pegboard?

A pegboard storage system is an amazing way to declutter your space and is versatile enough to be used in many locations. It is an inexpensive way to organize rooms and garages and simple to install.

When you need tools close at hand but don’t want to have the clutter on your worktable or in another part of the room, pegboards let you keep these frequently used items where they are easy to find and not scattered all over the place.

Types of pegboards and how to choose the right one for you

There are 3 types of pegboard to choose from. The first and most common type is wooden fiberboard.

Framed Pegboard


Wooden fiberboard is the most common material has the most options for mounting hooks and various accessories.

Wall Control Metal Pegboard


The second is metal pegboard which often has holes and slots. This type of pegboard will have a very strong powder-coated finish. The hooks and accessories will be limited as the thin metal will not normally work well with most hooks as they will not hang straight. You will be limited to choosing pegboard accessories designed by the metal pegboard supplier.

Plastic pegboard

Plastic Boards

There are also plastic-coated boards made of PVC sheets that have pre-drilled holes. Plastic pegboards will come in smaller squares and are good if you have only a small space to use and will install quickly as the spacing needed is molded into the legs.

I recommend using wood for your pegboard for the following reasons:

·     Customizable sheet shapes

·     Larger sheets can be mounted on the wall.

·     Can be painted to match the theme of your room.

·     Can use molding to make a border frame.

All About Pegboard Holes

Pegboard holes are separated with 1″ from center point to center point. When you see discussions on pegboard holes, they are referring to the diameter of the hole.

There are three sizes of holes for the pegboard:

  • 1/8″
  • 3/16″
  • 1/4″

Pegboard Hooks and Accessories that fit in a 1/8″ hole will also fit in a 3/16″ or 1/4″ hole but will be loose. A hook made for a 1/4″ hole will not fit in the smaller holes.

Most pegboard sold today is 1/4″ hole. 1/8″ and 3/16″ hole pegboards are older, and while found in many homes, are not commonly sold today.

Be sure to check the hole size before buying as it will impact which pegboard accessories you can use when setting up your pegboard system.

Brick and Iron Cafe Pegboard

Should you paint pegboard?

Should you paint the pegboard? This depends on where you are going to use it. The standard wood boards come in two colors, brown and primer white. If it is going to be in the garage or backyard shed you can use either style, but if you are looking to put a pegboard in one of the rooms in your home you may want to match the theme of your room. The primer white pegboard can be painted easily or painted and stenciled to whatever style you like.

What is the best way to paint pegboard?

There are two ways to paint pegboard; roller or spray can. Each of these methods comes with perks and drawbacks which will determine the application method best for you.

How to paint pegboard with a roller

Do I need to prime the pegboard before painting?

Use a white primed pegboard and you will not need to prime the pegboard.

Painting Process

Use latex-based paint and a thin nap roller.

Do not put too much paint on the roller as you will clog the holes. This is especially true if you have already hung the pegboard.

Gently roll the pegboard. It’s better to go over it a second time a few minutes after the first coat and even out and missed spots than spending time cleaning out all the holes b because you used too much paint the first time.

If you use the primer white version you should be able to finish the painting in one session.

The area prep work will be the same as if you are rolling your walls. Have a drop cloth spread on the floor to catch the paint droplets.

How to paint pegboard with a sprayer

Using a sprayer will give an even coat of paint to your pegboard.

While it may take several coats, the number of clogged holes should be far less than with a roller.

Prep time may be longer if the pegboard is already hanging in the room as you need to account for overspray and floor droplets.


If you are installing a large pegboard sheet with a frame, try to paint the sheet before installation. This will reduce the need to use a brush for edges if you are putting a frame around the pegboard.

Hang Pegboard Wall

How to Hang Pegboard

The size and shape of your pegboard will depend on the available wall space in your garage, basement, or workroom.

To determine the measurements for the board itself, make exact horizontal and vertical measurements with a tape measure to get accurate dimensions.

You’ll also need 1×2″ wooden furring strips mounted along its edges. The furring strip keeps the pegboard away from the wall behind the board and allows room for the hooks to pass through the pegboard. If you are hanging multiple sheets of pegboard, you will need to use a furring strip at the seam as well. Try to match the seam with a stud beam for added strength.

If you are mounting in a garage with exposed studs you can attach the board directly to the studs.

For a video on installing pegboard check out this one from Home Depot, “How to Hang Pegboard“. You can also buy pegboard sheets in both brown and white from them. If you know the size you need they should be able to pre-cut the panels for you.

Note: A common mistake people make with their pegboards is installing them too high up on walls. Also, DO NOT nail pegboard directly to a flat wall. You need space behinds the board to hook in the accessories.

Pegboard Frame

How to add a Frame

Once you have hung your pegboard you can add a frame to it. A frame will help to hide the furring strips and add a nice artistic touch to your pegboard.

  • Pick the style of molding you want to use.
  • Cut it to match the edge of the pegboard.
  • Nail it into the furring strips – finishing nails will minimize the holes.
  • You can putty the small holes, sand, and then paint the frame.
  • Use painter’s tape on all edges to protect the pegboard surface and walls.

Where to Use Pegboard

Let’s talk about all the places in your house you can use pegboard.

Laundry Room Pegboard Ideas

Laundry Room Pegboard Ideas

The first place is the laundry room – use it to hang your cleaning supplies like brooms and dustpans. Heavy items like jeans or jackets can be hung from heavy-duty pegboard hooks; these hooks come in many sizes. You can find ideas at “7 Awesome Laundry Room Pegboard Ideas“.

kitchen pegboard ideas

In The Kitchen

Ever thought about adding a pegboard in your kitchen? You can use it to hang your pots and pans. It also works for dishes, utensils, canned goods, or spices in jars on the wall.

You might want to add hooks at different heights so you can see all of these items easily.

Increase your pantry space by adding pegboard to the walls and door. You will be able to hang and organize your cereal boxes in one place, canned goods on another, and spices with jars on a third.

You can also use this space for items like lids or measuring cups that don’t have places specifically designated for them.

Garage Pegboard Ideas

Garage Storage Ideas

Piles of tools can clutter your garage and make it difficult to find what you need. You are missing a lot because the items are in different places or buried under something else entirely, but with pegboard installed on unused wall space, this tool storage problem will be eliminated completely!

Pegboards are useful if you have a cluttered garage full of hardware that is hard to keep track of – just hang everything on hooks so these items are all visible at once. No need to look through bags or drawers every time you need a hardware item. Pegboards will also take advantage of dead space and give you more storage options without taking up any floor area! Looking for more ideas for the garage? Check out “7 Garage Pegboard Ideas for Getting Organized!“.

Craft or Sewing Room

Peg board is great in your craft or sewing room; it is functional and beautiful.

If you are a knitter, just hang up your yarn in groups of similar colors for easy access to whichever color you will need next. You can also include all sizes of hooks at the top of the pegboard and have room for everything from small pins to big needles without them being crowded together.

If you’re a crafter, use hooks to display your scissors, ribbon, and latest projects. You will be able to see everything at a glance, so you will have no trouble finding what you need when inspiration strikes!

Office Pegboard Ideas

The Office

Pegboard walls are an easy way to organize all your office supplies. It can be hard to find things like scissors, pens, and rulers when they are thrown in a drawer with other items. Use pegboard so that everything has its own place!

Kid’s Room

Use it to decorate a child’s room. With peg board, you can create shelves for all of their toys, use it as a bulletin board for artwork, or even hang pictures from the walls with hooks. Kids love being able to customize their rooms themselves and they will be proud of what they have created!

Garden Shed Tool Storage

There are many reasons why people choose to use pegboard in their garden sheds. Pegboards provide a way to organize rakes, shovels and supplies, making them easier to find when needed.

This is especially important for those who have limited space. Just like using the garage walls for tool storage, the shed walls provide more places to store garden supplies.

How Do I Organize My Peg Board?

Each space will have a different setup for a pegboard wall, but they share some common points.

·     Your system should be designed to keep your most frequently used tools close at hand.

·     The goal is to keep your workbench or desk clear of clutter.

·     Pegboard storage accessories should work for your purposes without being permanently mounted to the board.

·     Invest in high-quality pegboard accessories; they will last for years.

Types of Accessories

Pegboard Hooks

Pegboard Hooks

Pegboard hooks are used to hang tools and other items on the pegboard.

They should be spaced evenly apart from one another, with a clear space next to each hook in case you need it later. Hanging hooks are typically made of metal or plastic for durability. They come in many different sizes and shapes. There are also some options that can be used for hanging larger items such as a circular saw.

They can be hung both horizontally and vertically, whichever you prefer.

Hooks are sold in kits or individually. If you are just starting out, you can find kits on Amazon that come with a lot of hooks and accessories.

Remember to check what size hole you have and check its compatibility with the hook you are buying. 1/8″ hole hooks will fit in 1/4″ holes but will be loose and often fall out when you take a tool off the pegboard.

1/4″ hole hooks will NOT fit in smaller holes.

The correct size hooks will also save you from buying wall anchors that are used for 1/8″ hooks on 1/4″ boards. Remember, you want to be able to easily rearrange your board as your needs change. Having to tear out a bunch of plastic anchors to move something wastes time and money.

90 degree bend

A high-quality hook will have a 90-degree bend to help lock the hook onto the pegboard.  Once installed it should be locked firmly on the back of the board.

Lastly, look at the finish of the hook. A high chrome finish will not only look good but prevent rust or corrosion from transferring to any tools or fabric you are hanging from these hooks.

Whether you are buying a pegboard kit or individual hooks, make sure you get the right size and with a chrome finish, for your board.

Pegboard Baskets

Pegboard Wire Baskets

Pegboard wire baskets can have more than one use so it is worth considering adding them to the board. They can accommodate an odd-shaped tool, cans, bags, craft supplies, or pantry odds and ends. Most come in sets of 3 or 4. There are several different finishes; the most common are chrome or black.

Non-chrome finishes are either powder coated or vinyl dipped. Take a close look at the photos to make sure you are buying the style you prefer.

Pegboard Cups

Pegboard Bins

Pegboard bins come in two primary styles, round and rectangular.

Round bins are sometimes known as pegboard cups; they will hang from round rings. These are commonly used to hold longer craft items like markers, pens, or colored pencils. They can also hold silverware in the kitchen and sewing needles in your sewing room. There really is no limit to how they can be used.

Removable Pegboard Bins - World Axiom - Teal - Lifestyle

Rectangular pegboard bins attach to your board. On garage pegboard walls you will see these bins holding nuts, bolts, and a variety of hardware.

Consider the strength of the bin holding hardware. Over time the bin may begin to bend from the weight of the hardware inside. Check the supplier weight recommendations.  

Pegboard Jars Red

Pegboard Jars

Pegboard jars are great for holding small items like nails and screws. You can create an entire wall of pegboard jars for small hardware, components, needles, buttons, etc. Clear pegboard jars let you see what is in them and you can just unscrew the jars and bring them to your workspace.

Use the right sized jar and color match to your own style. 

Forget looking through binders, bags, and boxes for those small parts or accessories you use. Pegboard jars keep everything displayed and within reach.

Pegboard Shelves

Pegboard shelves are great for holding items like paint cans, cleaning supplies, and large tools not used every day,  but which need to be stored in your workshop, craft space, or garage. Pegboard shelf systems allow you to be flexible with the placement of items and you will not have to worry about holes being drilled into your walls.

They can be made by buying brackets and cutting your own boards. If you cut your own boards do not make the mistake of making a longer board with the plywood as the weight of your items could make the boards sag over time. Better to go with a shorter board and use a middle bracket if needed.

The boards can also be purchased as a kit with the brackets and painted board together. You save time setting up your pegboard organization system with these kits and have more time for your favorite project or hobby.

Specialty Pegboard Hooks

There are specialty pegboard hooks such as round or ring hooks or hooks for specific purposes.

Round Hooks

Round or ring style pegboard hooks are used to drape fabric or hanging several items from S hooks. You can also decorate your board with a small plant in the ring hooks. Check out “Ring Style Pegboard Hooks to Master Pegboard Organization” for more ideas.

Pegboard Paper Towel Holder

Paper Towel Dispensers

This hook is a great addition to a pegboard wall system. Having a roll of paper towels available to quickly mop up a spill and save a project from disaster is a real plus.

Where to Buy Everything

You can shop online to buy most accessories. We carry a variety of items in our shop to help you organize your rooms.

World Axiom Shop

You can also find other items on Amazon.

Remember to look over each item to make sure it will work with the hole size you use.

Pegboard Organization – Putting it all Together

Now that you know the types of pegboard and the installation, decorating and all the storage options available to you, we are sure you are ready to get going and design your perfect system.

Once it is done, we would love to see your creations. Email me at If you would like us to add it to our page “Amazing Pegboard Walls” just let me know. If chosen, we will send you one of our pegboard tools for free to help make your board even better.

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