The Only Round Pegboard Bins You’ll Ever Need for Craft Organization

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Round Pegboard Bins

Our round pegboard bins will up your craft organization game by getting clutter off your table and instead neatly organized on your pegboard wall.

Rebecca, one of our company founders, is an avid seamstress. She works with many tools and buttons, pins and other accessories daily and there wasn’t a solution in the market that could store larger items and tools.  So…she created our round pegboard bins to help all crafters organize these items.

What Can These Pegboard Bins Hold?

Pegboard Cups Fit Craft Tools

Our round pegboard bins were designed with bigger and longer tools and craft supplies in mind.  This bin is 5” tall and 3 ¼” at the top and tapers towards the bottom. Your scissors, rulers, markers, pens, pencils - all will fit in the bins and not fall over.

The high chrome finish metal rings not only look good but are made of strong steel to keep the pegboard bins hanging safely on your board.

Items are like described, well built hangers, cups are a little bigger than those red plastic drink cups that you see everywhere. Used in wife's sewing room on a pegboard.


Why Not Just Poke Holes in Cups?

Rearrange Cups

Do you want to spend time trying to set up your pegboard board or more time on your favorite hobby?

Pegboard Bins That are Stuck to the Board

We love Pinterest too and have seen people recommending poking holes in a cup and then trying to tie the cup to the pegboard.

Have you tried feeding plastic zip tie through pegboard and getting it back through another hole?   We have. It will drive you nuts. 

Worse, you’ll have to this every time you add a cup or move a cup.  Forget easily rearranging your pegboard when you have new supplies or tools to hang up.

messy desk

If you tie bins to the board you still clutter your desk when you have to take out the markers, pens, cri-cut tools to use them.  Your clutter goes from the board, to the desk and then has to be put back on the board when you are done.

Pegboard Storage Bins That Go with You

Round Pegboard Bins and Cups

With our pegboard bins it’s easy to hook in the metal rings and drop in one of our pegboard storage bins.  By just reversing the process you can relocate a bin location within seconds.

Your pegboard organization set up can change as many times as you need without the headaches.

Ring Cup Install

If you use our pegboard cups the clutter never goes to the desk.  When you want to take your markers over to your table, lift the bin out of the ring and take everything with you. 

Just like our pegboard jars, your tools and pegboard accessories are portable and you can avoid wasting time having to clean everything off your table when you are done.

I love these pegboard cups! They fit into traditional pegboard perfectly. We use these in our craft area and the colors liven up the space. In them we store scissors, pens and pencils, a hole puncher, crayons, and tape. An added bonus feature is that the cups can be taken down and placed on a table then placed back on the pegboard wall; great feature for kiddos. I would definitely recommend these to someone else!


Does This Blue Match with Your Pegboard Jars

Pegboard Bin Color

Yes it does.  The blue cups match our tall pegboard jars and our standard size pegboard jars.  So you can not only organize your crafting, sewing or quilting tools and accessories but look good doing it.

Will They Break if I Put Them in the Dishwasher?

Pegboard Cups for Crafters

These round pegboard bins are dishwasher safe.

If you drop one, don’t worry. They’ll bounce, not break.

You’ll Love These Round Pegboard Bins

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We love creating new pegboard accessories and storage solutions for our customers. However, if you’re not thrilled with your purchase just let us know and we’ll make it right.

Click the image below to buy yours today.

World Axiom Tall Jars Set of 6

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