Using Vertical Space to Increase Home Storage by At Least 22%

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Vertical Space

Vertical space is one of the most unused spaces available, but often we do not think about it. Storage space is a luxury in a small home and a challenge to a crafter like me who has growing stockpiles of sewing tools and material. Finding more storage space and using it efficiently is always my goal. Big empty wall space? Often unused, but you can turn your empty wall into a huge storage space!

You will be surprised by how much storage unused vertical space may provide if you use it wisely. Pegboard is the most efficient organization tool available to create more storage space on an empty wall.


Quick Organization of Your Workspace

I spend at least 6 to 8 hours a day at my workspace. I write my blog and work on my projects in the same area so it is critical that I keep the workspace tidy and organized all the time. How could I create more space in this limited working area? I looked at the big empty wall in front of me and I knew instantly that pegboard, the most efficient organization system,  would do the trick.

I used different pegboard accessories on it to organize my most frequently used tools and stationaries. Some examples – a pegboard shelf to hold my books, cups to hold my pens and pencils, and hooks to hold my scissors and rulers. The best thing about using pegboard to organize your workspace is that the things you need will be hanging up on the wall and can be seen right away. No need to waste time searching through messy drawers.

Pegboard Hook Kit

Keep the Hobby Corner Neat and Tidy

I love sewing and embroidery. I have many, many tools and accessories for my projects. I used to put these tools in boxes and pile the boxes up in the cupboard, then when I would look through the boxes for needed tools or accessories I ended up creating a big mess. Numerous boxes and tools would be scattered all over my desk. I now use my pegboard storage system to keep all my sewing tools and accessories neat and easily accessible. All the tools can be hung on the pegboard, my buttons and pins can be stored in the pegboard jars, and I can also decorate my workspace with painted canvas. 

No more searching and digging. My most useful tools and accessories are now being organized on the pegboard where can I see them right away.

Jewelry on Pegboard Hooks

Fashion Accessories Organization

Many women may have the same trouble as I do, too many accessories and too little space. Once I discovered how useful vertical space was for my craft tools and accessories, I used a similar pegboard system for my fashion accessories, putting pegboard behind my closet door. Now I can easily find the accessories that match my outfit. I hung my necklaces and bracelets on the hooks where I can see them easily. I put my rings and earrings in pegboard jars, using the jars to organize them by shapes and sizes. This organization system truly changed my life! My accessories no longer lay randomly on my dresser. All of them are neatly organized on the pegboard and I spend much less time searching for them.

Garage Organization

Maximizing Garage Space and Organization

My father spends a lot of time in his garage doing woodworking. He has lots of heavy duty tools and hardware. He set up a pegboard system in his garage using heavy duty pegboard hooks for his tools and durable clear pegboard jars for his screws, nails, bolts, and nuts.

Fishing Lures on Display

He also loves fishing and has organized his fishing lures and other fishing accessories on pegboard.The smaller size lures go in hanging jars and the bigger lures are hung on hooks. Now that his tools and accessories are meticulously organized on pegboard  he can quickly find what he needs rather than spending a lot of time searching through boxes and cans for an item.

Pegboard Hooks and Jars

Pegboard Organization Increases Your Storage Space

Pegboard organization is a smart, efficient storage method and will enable you to use utilize your vertical space and other unused areas. Research indicates an average person spends 2.5 hours a day searching for misplaced things. Time is money. We can save that wasted time by organizing our workspace with the right storage system. A pegboard storage system is the most efficient way to organize your hobby tools and accessories using the vertical space that is right in front of you.

If you are looking for a pegboard kit to help you start getting organized, we have both a blue pegboard hook kit and a red pegboard kit for you.

World Axiom Tall Jars Set of 6

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