Blanket Stitch Here We Come!

I have a sweatshirt that is quite worn out. I wanted to add some highlights to it and bring it back to life. My friend, the sewing expert compared to me, said sher would teach me some tricks.
I brought over our World Axiom Lazy Susan Organizer Caddy Prototype as a gift.
She taught me the blanket stitch.   I did the blanket stitch at the neck opening and the front pocket.  The result is amazing! I’m definitely going to learn more stitching techniques from her!
Looking around on Youtube, I came across a channel that has a lot of stitching examples.
Here is the link.  Made To Sew
I am sure there are more out there.  If you know of any others that you think are great let me know and I will share them in the next blog post. Email: Rebecca