The World Axiom Pegboard Jar: Organization Solutions for Your Home or Workplace

World Axiom Pegboard Jar

The pegboard jar - a better way to organize your workspace or craft room.  We can match your pegboard style and needs with our jars. They come in different sizes and colors, look and work great today, and will still be great 20 years from now.

What is a pegboard jar?

Not sure about what a pegboard jar is?

A pegboard jar consists of a cap that locks onto a pegboard and a clear jar that screws into the cap. A neat and easy way to keep items in the jars organized!

World Axiom Jars, made of the highest grade plastics, come in multiple cap colors and sizes. The jars can be used on 1/8", 3 1/6' or 1/4" pegboard.

Pegboard Jar

What makes World Axiom's pegboard jar the best ever?

We are fellow pegboard fanatics. We studied and improved every aspect of the original Handy Dandy pegboard jar designed over 40 years ago, reviewing:

  • Size
  • Locking system
  • Materials
  • Colors
  • Types of Pegboard

And created jars that will work in your craft room or garage workspace today and for decades to come.

Red Pegboard Jars

Choose Between Two Convenient Sizes

Start organizing your space with our 2" x 3" and tall 2"x 4" pegboard jars. These sizes make it easy to store various sized nuts, screws, buttons or pins.

World Axiom Pegboard Jar Locking System

Ease of Use with our engineered 4 point locking system

At World Axiom, we engineered a new 4-point pegboard cap locking system that lets you:

  • Keep one hand on your project at all times with one-handed jar removal and return
  • Quickly reorganize your board
  • Handle heavier jars because of our 4-point weight distribution  

Superior over a cheaper 2-point system

Let's compare our 4-point system to a 2-point lock system.

A two-point system shouldn't even be called a locking system. The two top prongs are just loosely sitting in the pegboard holes, creating several problems.

  • Lids flip up when trying to screw in a jar
  • Heavy jars will stretch the plastic cap legs over time
  • Two hands are needed to screw jars back into caps

The failure of the original 3-point system

The original 3-point system was designed and patented over 40 years ago and, since the original patent expired, is still copied today. These caps were never meant to be removed from a pegboard. Trying to remove/move the jar results in the common complaint, that the top leg breaks off and the cap is then scrap.

Some companies bringing out jars today do not understand your need for a strong, durable and flexible pegboard organization system.

Blue Pegboard Jars

World Axiom Pegboard Organizer Jars use Crush and Impact Resistant Plastic

Our jars of made of the high-grade PET plastic that will bounce, not break, when it hits the floor. PET plastic is the same type of plastic used in those seemingly indestructible high end sports water bottles.

Studies show PET has a higher crush impact resistance compared to PP plastic

Jars That Bounce Not Break

Your garage or workspace concrete or tile floor will not be a problem if you drop one of our jars full of screws.

What about the claim that PP is crush resistant?

We can show you that a PP plastic jar will squeeze in your hand. Our PET jars will not.

We could tell you that a PP jar can't handle nearly the weight a PET jar can. But - we'd rather show you!

You may not ever use your jars as stepping stools, but what happens when you accidentally step on one you have on the ground when working on a project or something falls on top of a jar?

A World Axiom pegboard jar can handle any drops, accidental kicks or tools falling on them for the decades to come. They are made to last.

Blue Pegboard Jars

The Best in Jar Clarity

From the material to the molding process, these jars have been designed and manufactured for the highest clarity possible.

PET has been scientifically shown to have a higher transparency rating than PP. To read the study click here.

These jars are blow molded to have a crystal clear finish with no flow lines to obscure what’s inside.

And if dust gets on the outside, a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and your jars are as good as new.

Trending Colors to match Your Pegboard Setup

Teal blue and red have been favorite cap colors and top sellers in the pegboard storage system market. Both colors match with most pegboard organization systems.

These caps have a smooth high gloss finish. They look good and clean easily.

Pegboard Jars Installation

Works for Most Pegboard on the Market

Our jars firmly lock into 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" holes on wooden or composite pegboards.

They will work with metal pegboards too, though the thinness of the metal causes the caps to be looser and hang at an angle.

Never Waste Time Looking for Supplies Ever Again

You will never have to worry about where your crafting supplies or hardware are ever again. With our heavy-duty pegboard jars, you can store all of the supplies and materials essential for any project!

Whether it’s a scrapbooking session, sewing new clothes, or a project in the garage, these storage containers have got you covered.

Our Limited LIFETIME warranty means that they will last for years, so purchase yours today and start organizing like a boss!

The Complete Guide to Pegboard Organization

For even more ways to organize every room in your house with pegboard accessories, check out our Complete Guide to Pegboard Organization.

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