March 20, 2018 – Youtube Can Teach You So Much!

World Axiom embroidery 1280

Hope everyone is finding the time to sew or craft while we look forward to the coming spring.

What are We Working on this Week?


Ribbon Rack

We are designing a new adjustable ribbon rack that that you can mount on the wall or it can sit on your worktable.   

Interesting videos I Came Across this Week

This is a great channel that teaches you with a sew along video. You can hardly go wrong! They offer a variety of free patterns and also give you sewing tips and tricks.

An amazing project to help someone with a limited budget and limited space organize their craft supplies. You can make a door organizer for all your supplies for less than 10 dollars! Everyone should try creating their own organizers!

I am always looking for interesting sites or projects. If you have an interesting site or project that you think will help others and would like to share, send me an email. 

Talk to you next week.


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